Rabu, 29 November 2017

Our God Be Glorified (Lirik & Chord) JPCC Worship

Intro:   F – G – C  (2x)
G                        C
Come and let us sing
        G                          C
With angels round the throne
F                             Am
Thousand hearts declare
       F          G
Our voices one
Jesus Son of God
              G               C
You are glorious devine
        F                             Am
The blameless Lamb of God
         F              G
Who ransomed us
         F       C/E    F
Our God…  Our God…
C/E    F     G  Am  G  C        G      C
Our God   be glo-ri-fied… our God…
         F       C/E    F
Our God…  Our God…
C/E    F     G  Am  G  C      
Our God   be glo-ri-fied…
G                              C
Come and bless the Lord
         G                  C
Who sits upon the throne
       F                    Am
Our voice and all creation
F              G
Joined as one
Exalt and magnify
      G                        C
We lift our hands up high
         F                      Am
The splendor of our God
       F            G
Our lips will cry

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