Jumat, 24 November 2017

Captivated (Lirik & Chord)

True Worshippers 

Intro:   E - B – C#m – A  (2x)

Jesus You
You hold the world with Your unfailing love
The heavens sing your praises from above
In Your name lips shall praise and knees shall bow
Father You
The universe exalts in who You are
The stars declare Your wonders far and wide
How majestic is Your love throughout my life
        A                     E
In You I find my peace
        A                     B
In you I bend my knee
C#m                    A
You are Lord of heaven
                E                        B
You shall reign in all the earth
    C#m                 A                     E
I humbly bow before Your majesty
      C#m                A
And I’ll sing Your praises
                 E                      B
And i will sing forevermore
      C#m           A                  E
I’m captivated by Your love in me

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