Senin, 27 November 2017

Forever Yours (Lirik & Chord)

Intro:   F#m – D – A (4x)
            F#m           D                     A
We will sing unto God with joyful voice
          F#m              D                          A
Every heart in our house sings and adore
             F#m               D                             A
We will stand at Your gates with thankful songs
             F#m                  D                     A
You are good and Your faithfulness is sure
        D                                 F#m
(We) enter Your gates with praise
                 A           D
Let all the nations sing
Great is our God
        F#m               A
Your name it shall endure
         D                     F#m
(For) we are forever Yours
                    A                 D
We fill Your courts with praise
Great is our God
        F#m                 A
Your love it shall endure
Interlude:  F#m – D – A (2x)
           F#m            D                       A
Nation rise and attend before His throne
                F#m               D                     A
Sovereign Christ is our Lord and God alone
            F#m                D                             A
We will stand at Your gates with thankful songs
            F#m          D                            A
In Your grace our Lord Jesus we’re secure
F#m                 D     A
We are forever Yours…
F#m                 D     A
We are forever Yours…

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