Jesus It Is You (Lirik & Chord)

True Worshippers

Intro:  G – C – Bm - C
G                       Am7
Who makes the sun to rise
       G/B                             C       D        Em
And brings the earth new life in every beam
D               C
Jesus it is You…
G                     Am7
Who turns the day to night
       G/B                  C     D       Em
And watches me as I begin to dream
D               C
Jesus it is You…
Am7                  G                Em
Who brings me food for my table
Am7               Bm     C    D
Who cares for all of my needs
G                      Am7
Who walks the road with me
       Bm                                 C
Has grown with me through all
       D         Em
That I have been
D             C         D               G
Jesus it is You… Jesus it is You…
         C             D              G
I lift my hands…  I bring my song
          C                        D
All of my days… all of my rights
All of my wrongs…
            C          D                Em         D    C
I offer my life…   here and beyond  …   …
           Am7         Bm
To the one thing true
C       D      G
Jesus it is You…
Who sees my brokenness
And carries me when I am frail and weak
Jesus it is You…
Who tells the storm to rest
When I am overwhelmed and cannot speak
Jesus it is You…
Who wears my guilt on His shoulders
Who holds my heart in His hands
Who takes my though and fears
And hangs them on the arms of calvary
Jesus it is You… Jesus it is You


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